What's YOUR Story?


Storytelling is more than just a method


It's a powerful means to entertain, inspire, and educate. It's the heart and soul of your event, the narrative that defines what you're about.

When done correctly, storytelling can make your audience feel more connected, engaged, and passionate about your event. It has the potential to:

1 - Transform an ordinary event into an extraordinary experience

2 - Make attendees feel intimately connected to your brand

3 - Define and express your brand's mission or culture

4 - And ultimately inspire action

We don't just organize 

From pre-event teaser campaigns to the visual identity of your event - making the experience not just a solitary chapter, but an entire engaging, clear, and enthusiastic story!

How we help businesses and people reach their full potential ?


Incentive travel in 7 points

Client consultation: Understanding of specific objectives and expectations to tailor the incentive trip.

Destination Selection: Selection of the most exciting destinations and experiences based on our extensive knowledge of Morocco.

Local Partnerships: Working with reliable local partners to access exclusive locations, accommodations and activities.

Customization: Tailor each trip with unique team-building activities and cultural experiences.

Logistics Management: Handling all logistical details for a smooth, hassle-free experience.

On-site support: On-site assistance and coordination to quickly resolve issues and ensure a smooth trip.

Post-trip evaluation: Gathering feedback from participants and evaluating the overall success of the trip against objectives.



Meetings & events in 7 points

Understanding the objectives: Discussion of the event's objectives and requirements to develop a customized strategy.

Venue selection: Identification of the most suitable venues, from luxurious hotels to breathtaking outdoor sites, based on our extensive knowledge of Morocco.

Creative Design: Development of a unique event concept in line with the brand image and message, incorporating visuals, décor and engaging content.

Vendor Coordination: Collaboration with our local network of trusted vendors to ensure high quality services, such as catering, audiovisual equipment and entertainment.

Logistics management: Expertly handling all logistics, including participant registration, transportation and accommodations, for a well-organized event.

On-site execution: Hands-on assistance during the event, ensuring smooth coordination and quick resolution of any issues.

Post-event analysis: Gathering feedback, evaluating the success of the event and identifying areas for improvement to continually refine our approach.


Teambuilding in 7 points

Needs Analysis: Discussion of your teambuilding objectives and requirements to design a program tailored to your team.

Activity Selection: Selecting a range of challenging and creative activities, in line with your team's interests and skills, to strengthen cohesion and collaboration.

Customization: Adapting activities to your specific objectives, corporate values and team preferences, ensuring a memorable and rewarding experience.

Logistical planning: Careful organization of all logistical aspects, such as transportation, accommodations and catering, to ensure a smooth teambuilding experience.

Speaker coordination: Collaboration with professional trainers and facilitators to supervise the activities and ensure their smooth running.

On-site follow-up: On-site assistance and supervision, ensuring smooth coordination and quick resolution of any problems.

Post-teambuilding evaluation: Collecting feedback, analyzing results and identifying areas for improvement to optimize future teambuildings.

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