Why teambuilding should be more than just FUN

Nov 05, 2023

At MRCO Company, we believe in the transformative power of team building activities.

These are not just fun days out of the office; they're strategic sessions that fuse enjoyment with personal and collective growth. But how many businesses are truly unlocking the full potential of these events?

The answer varies as widely as the goals of each unique enterprise.

While many companies view team building as an opportunity for fun away from the desk, focusing on surprise elements and team bonding, they often miss the depth these experiences can offer.

Certainly, fun activities enhance workplace morale and strengthen team dynamics. However, there's an additional layer—a strategic advantage—that many overlook.

By tailoring programs to client objectives, just as we do at MRCO Company, businesses can target specific skills their teams need to develop. These include creativity, leadership, communication, strengths and weaknesses identification, trust, and problem-solving.

We consider each company's unique goals when developing these custom programs.

Popular Team Building Activities

The most sought-after team building initiatives often center on enjoyment and motivation. They incorporate elements of novelty and surprise to enhance appeal.

Popular formats include:

  • Outdoor adventures
  • Collaborative content creation
  • Treasure hunts
  • Socially driven projects
  • etc.

These experiences can lead to a myriad of benefits, from sparking creativity and problem-solving to stress reduction and exploring new destinations.

Socially purposed activities, in particular, create deep emotional connections among participants as they collaborate towards a common goal.

Emerging Trends in Team Building

We're witnessing several trends in team building, reflecting the evolving demands of clients:

  • Purpose-driven activities
  • Creativity boosters
  • Wellness and health-related events

Purpose-driven initiatives are now standard as companies aim to make a differential societal impact and communicate these values to their employees.

These team-building activities allow workers to engage with and integrate these values, whether it's supporting needy communities or contributing to environmental sustainability, all while reinforcing team spirit and generating a positive social impact.

Creativity is a treasured asset in any business setting. Activities that encourage idea generation and innovative problem-solving are on the rise as organizations seek to enhance this critical skill within their teams.

The development of these qualities contributes to the smooth functioning and daily progress of teams.

Lastly, mental health and personal well-being have gained prominence. Human Resources departments are increasingly focusing on healthy lifestyle activities to promote employee well-being.


Team building is much more than recreational activities; it's a versatile tool that can drive team growth and development. Maximizing its potential requires companies to design custom programs aligned with their goals and to embrace new trends that go beyond mere fun. Those who do will reap significant rewards in skill development, team cohesion, and a positive community impact.