Tourism as a catalyst: Recovery and resilience

Sep 13, 2023By Mehdi Lahbabi

As MRCO Company, we recognize the profound impact of travel, particularly in these challenging times following the recent earthquake in Morocco.

Tourism isn't just an extra for Morocco; it's a necessity. In a time where local businesses and communities are picking up the pieces, tourists play a critical role in the nation's recovery. 

Choosing not to visit only further strains those who rely on tourism for their livelihoods. Conversely, opting to visit can significantly support rebuilding efforts.

Your impact is multi-fold:

Financial Support: Spending on accommodations, food, and local goods injects much-needed funds into the economy.

Job Security: Tourism employs many; your visit helps to sustain these jobs.

Resilience: Your presence signifies unity and encouragement for Moroccans facing adversity.

Cultural Bonds: Your visit enriches both your life and supports cultural dialogue.

Sustainable Choices: You have the opportunity to participate in responsible tourism, impacting long-term sustainability.

In summary, Morocco remains a country of extraordinary beauty and resilience, and it's open for visitors. By choosing to experience Morocco now, you directly aid in its recovery, ensuring its unique charm continues to mesmerize travelers for years to come.