Maximizing ROI in incentive programs: Our advanced approach

Nov 25, 2023By Mehdi Lahbabi
Mehdi Lahbabi

In a competitive business landscape, MRCO is transforming incentive programs into powerful growth tools.

Our methodology for measuring the ROI of incentive programs, especially in the realm of incentive travel, is our commitment to innovation and effectiveness. 

Deciphering the ROI Challenge:The interplay between incentive programs and sales performance has always been complex. MRCO has embarked on a journey to elucidate this relationship, leveraging advanced data analysis techniques and insightful methodologies.

MRCO's Analytical: We employ sophisticated post-hoc analyses, contrasting sales performances of groups involved in incentive programs with control groups. This approach allows us to pinpoint the effectiveness of the programs and garner insights into various sales dynamics.

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In-Depth Case Studies: Insights and Outcomes:

  • Office Equipment/Office Products Company: This case involved two different incentive programs targeted at salespeople and dealer principals. The study aimed to establish ROI for each program and gather perspectives from both groups. A web-based survey provided both qualitative and quantitative insights, revealing substantial incremental sales and positive feedback from participants.
  • Paint Company Case: This study focused on a paint company incentivizing contractors to promote its brand. The program led to a significant increase in purchases by participating contractors compared to non-participants, highlighting the effectiveness of the incentive scheme.
  • Hand Tool Manufacturer: This case explored outcome-based measures before, during, and after the implementation of the incentive program. The study encompassed not only sales outcomes but also examined impacts on accounts receivable and inventory turnover, offering a holistic view of the program's effectiveness.
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    Conclusion: Our methodological and data-centric approach ensures that your investment in incentive programs translates into measurable business growth.Let us help you turn your incentive strategies into a success story.

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